September 3, 2015

Man arrested for using another’s debit card, ID

A Marathon man was arrested Wednesday after an alert convenience store clerk noticed he was using someone else’s debit card and identification in an attempt to make purchases.

Deputy Kendall Bailey was dispatched to Dion’s convenience store on 14th street at 10:30 a.m. When he arrived he met with the store clerk, who handed over a debit card and driver’s license which she obtained from a man trying to make a purchase at the store. The ID did not belong to the man trying to use it.

When the deputy asked 53 year old Vincent Desilvis about it, Desilvis said the man whose ID he was using asked him to pick some things up at the store for him.

Further investigation revealed Desilvis had the man’s entire wallet. When the owner of the wallet was contacted, he responded to Dion’s to claim his property. He told Deputy Bailey he does not know Desilvis, nor did he give him permission to use his card and ID. He said he lost his wallet the day before and had been looking for it ever since.

Desilvis was arrested. He was charged with possession and use of the stolen driver’s license, fraudulent use of another person’s identification and theft.

September 2, 2015

Man arrested for selling boat trailer illegally

A Key Largo man was arrested Tuesday, charged with forging someone else’s name on the title of a boat trailer and selling it without the owner’s permission.

The owner of the 30 foot Load Master trailer was storing it at the Snake Creek Marina. She told Sgt. Eric Mixon she’d been dealing at the marina with a man named Abraham Vaught. She said at one point, Vaught offered to buy the trailer for $1,400 but she refused because she thought it was worth more than that.

She said she went to the marina on July 20th and found the trailer missing. She went to the local tag office and found the trailer had been sold and was registered in the name of a woman who lives in Miami Lakes, Florida.

Detective Yunier Galvez was assigned to investigate and he spoke to the trailer’s new owner. She said she’d recently bought a boat from Snake Creek Marina. She said she’d been dealing with Vaught at the marina, who identified himself as the marina manager. She said she also purchased a trailer from him.

She said as she was purchasing the trailer, she saw Vaught sign the name “Michael Smith” as the seller on the bill of sale. When she asked why he was signing someone else’s name, he said he had power of attorney to do so. She said she paid Vaught $2,000 for the trailer and then registered it in her name using the bill of sale he gave her.

Detective Galvez obtained a warrant for the arrest of 34 year old Michael Abraham Vaught. He was charged Tuesday with two counts of grand theft, dealing in stolen property, forgery and uttering a false or forged document.

September 1, 2015

Sheriff announces staff changes

In the photo, left to right: James Norman, Lee Ann Holroyd, Chad Scibilia, Lou Caputo, Tim Age, Sheriff Ramsay, Tommy Taylor, Anne Sweeney, Jon Crane and Todd Silvers.

Sheriff Rick Ramsay announced today several promotions to fill existing and upcoming vacancies in his law enforcement and corrections bureaus.

Colonel Bill Cameron recently retired leaving the position of second-in-command vacant at the Sheriff’s Office. To fill the position, Sheriff Ramsay today promoted Law Enforcement Bureau Chief Major Lou Caputo to the rank of colonel.

To fill Caputo’s position in charge of the Bureau of Law Enforcement, Sheriff Ramsay promoted long-time Captain Chad Scibilia, who previously headed up the Professional Standards Division, commanding the Internal Affairs Unit and the Law Enforcement Accreditation Unit.

To fill  Scibilia’s shoes, Sheriff Ramsay has promoted Lt. Lee Ann Holroyd to Captain of Professional Standards. Holroyd will be moving from her position in charge of the Special Investigations Division.

To replace Holroyd in Special Investigations, Sgt. James Norman will be promoted to that lieutenant’s position. He previously held the position of sergeant in charge of the Major Crimes Unit.

Bureau of Corrections Commander, Major Tommy Taylor will be retiring from his position. . He was given the honorary title of lieutenant colonel as he prepares to leave the agency.  Appointed to replace him as major is Tim Age, currently captain of the bureau.

Two current corrections lieutenants, Jon Crane and Anne Sweeney, will be promoted to the rank of captain; Captain Crane  will run the corrections operations at the main jail facility while Captain Sweeney will be in charge of administrative operations.

Only one of the vacant lieutenant positions will be filled. The other will be eliminated. The new lieutenant position will be filled by the promotion of Detention Sgt. Todd Silvers.

These moves leave two vacant sergeant positions which will be filled in coming weeks.

“I look forward to working with all of these deserving people in their new positions,” said Sheriff Ramsay. “They have all worked hard for many years here at the Sheriff’s Office and I know they will continue to do so as they move forward with their careers. I congratulate all of them, and challenge them to continue to bring their talents and their expertise to the citizens of Monroe County and to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.”

August 29, 2015

Notice for Sheriff's Office employees

Per Sheriff Rick Ramsay, there will be no change in work schedules for Monroe County Sheriff's Office employees as Erika has degenerated into a Tropical wave. Weather from the system should not be bad enough to disrupt our regular business hours. Sheriff's Offices will remain open as normal.

Erika No Longer a Tropical Storm

From the office of Monroe County Emergency Management:

Saturday morning, the National Hurricane Center declared that Tropical Storm Erika degenerated into a low pressure trough and that all tropical storm watches and warnings in the Bahamas and Caribbean are being discontinued.

There were never Erika watches or warnings for the Florida Keys or the remainder of Florida. No protective action directives were issued by Monroe County Emergency Management.

Remnants of Erika are expected to produce showers and thunderstorms over the Keys beginning late Saturday night that will likely continue through Monday morning. The Key West National Weather Service Office is expecting 2 to 3 inches of rainfall for the Keys though Monday.

Keys officials cautioned residents and visitors to use extra care when driving on area roads.

The Key West weather office is likely to issue a small craft advisory beginning Saturday evening and lasting through Monday morning cautioning boaters to remain in port. Expect winds over open water at 25-30 mph with seas beyond the reef at 6 to 8 feet. Inshore and bayside waters should be rough. Winds and seas are expected to begin subsiding Monday morning.

In conjunction with the Key West weather office, Monroe County Emergency Management will continue to monitor the system in the unlikely event it regenerates and threatens the Keys as a tropical cyclone.

This is to be the final advisory on Erika from Monroe County Emergency Management.


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August 28, 2015

County officials monitoring TS Erika

Update from the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management

As of early Friday evening, the center of Tropical Storm Erika was just off the central southern coast of Hispaniola and less than 800 miles east, southeast of Key West.

The storm, according to meteorologists at the National Hurricane Center and Key West National Weather Service Office, continues to be poorly organized and there is a good possibility it will degenerate into a tropical depression.

Although all the Keys and the southern Florida peninsula remain in the three-day track error cone, no tropical storm watches or warnings have been issued.

In fact, the discussion component of the hurricane center's 5 p.m. advisory package noted: "Although this would normally be an appropriate time for a tropical storm watch for portions of southern Florida, following typical timelines, we have elected to wait until we see what's left of Erika after it passes Hispaniola. There is a significant chance that no watches or warnings for Florida will be required."

The official forecast shows the center of the storm southeast of the Lower Keys Sunday afternoon with maximum winds of 40 mph. But confidence in that forecast is not high.

Monroe County Emergency Management staged a Friday evening conference call to continue discussing Erika, but given the lack of tropical storm watches and warnings, no protective-action directives were issued.  Another conference call is scheduled for Saturday morning.

Keys residents and visitors should continue to closely monitor future progress of Erika.

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Update: County Officials monitor Tropical Storm Erika

From the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management

As of 2 p.m. Friday, Tropical Storm Erika was nearing the southern coast of Hispanola and its center was positioned about 900 miles east, southeast of Key Largo.  The storm, according to meteorologists at the National Hurricane Center and Key West National Weather Service Office, continues to be poorly organized.

Monroe County Emergency Management is preparing to respond to a tropical storm, if needed. Protective actions have not yet been implemented and will be announced later this evening, if necessary.

Focus areas for Erika include the county’s special needs clients; potential school closings; campgrounds and parks; as well as instructions for Keys visitors.

Monroe County does not evacuate in the event of a tropical storm.

In conjunction with the Key West National Weather Service and the National Hurricane Center, Keys officials are continuing to monitor the situation and residents and visitors should do the same.

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August 25, 2015

Man dies after being pulled from Key Largo canal

A 68 year old Key Largo man died Monday night after being pulled from a canal in Key Largo.

Deputy Christopher Kilmurray and Sgt. Jason Madnick responded to Sharkey’s Pub at 11 p.m. A woman had called to report hearing someone yelling from the canal between the Key West Inn and Sharkey’s Pub. The officers spotted the man floating on his back in the water. He was not responsive to their attempts to communicate with him.

They pulled him close to a boat and he was pulled from the water by paramedics, who had arrived on the scene. He was taken to Mariner’s Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Patrons of Sharkey’s and the bartender told the officers the man had been in the establishment having drinks and food at the bar for several hours prior to his death.

Detectives are not releasing his name because they are still attempting to locate his next of kin to let them know what happened. An autopsy will be done to determine the cause of his death.